[Album] Kriztabel New Full EP ‘BARS’

Blessed After Repentance Saved (BARS) by Kriztabel is an album that talks about she has been lost and finding her way back. Ranging from the first track to the last, talks about me, how I lived, where I was and what’s happening now.

From the EP title, you’d have a mental picture of what I’m trying to get out. I’ve been looking for success in all the wrong places and I didn’t find anything till I met Jesus. I wasn’t blessed until Repentance.
Looking at where I am at now and where God has placed me I can finally say I’m free. Jesus stood by the door patiently waiting for me to come back home, he was there ever compassionate God. Even as he found me at the right time just when all hope were lost. The situation may not be like mine for you.
The Bible stated it clearly “the hour cometh when no man shall see God”. Nobody knows when the trumpet will sound it’s why I was saved. Writing these songs is just to tell you what Jesus did, remind you that he’s waiting and encourage you to be ready now not later.
The EP is a collection of three songs with a bonus track summing it all to 4 tracks.

Blessed After Repentance equals Salvation.

Download, Listen and Share

1] Download BARS

2] Download I’M FREE

3] Download PATIENCE

4] Download NOBODY Bonus Track


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